Saturday, April 11, 2009

Have Any Beanie Babies?

Emma Saunders is collecting Beanie Babies to take on her mission trip to Uganda to give to the orphans there. If you have any Beanie Babies in a box somewhere or if you want to buy some for her to take with her (you can get them very cheap on Ebay) please visit her website by clicking here.

Emma is a teen who dreams of being a missionary. Emma is also part of the family that lost everything they owned in the house fire in January. I would love to see so many Beanie Babies being shipped to her that she doesn't know what to do. Emma gets very excited about bringing smiles to these precious orphans faces so if you can let's help Emma be able to do that.

If you check out her blog you can see pictures of her passing them out on her last trip.

Gotta go we have a very busy day today. We have to color Easter Eggs, go to an auction, get nap, plant 22 more trees ( we got 18 planted last night in the freezing cold weather), go shopping and then we are getting together with some friends tonight. I forgot I need to get a shower sometime.

Have a great weekend!

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Tony and Rett said...

Going to go look for some babies!!!! Way to promote her mission, Sarah!