Monday, July 5, 2010

A Purpose Drive Family!!!

Tomorrow is a very exciting day for me. See that beautiful little boy in the middle of the picture below? God gave that little boy a BIG vision, a vision of a sister that needed to come home. This little boy has a wisdom wayyyyy beyond his 4 years and he wasn't about to give up the fight for his sister until his parents listened to what God had to say.

My friend Holly (those are her beautiful kiddos) is PASSIONATE about orphans. Holly does everything she can possibly do to fight for orphans, spread awareness, help other families fundraiser even though they are trying to fundraiser for their own adoption and now it's our turn to help Holly, help that beautiful little boy who has faith much bigger than a mustard seed and help her husband and other children get their child home.

I have the pleasure of hosting a fundraiser in my shop TOMORROW ONLY to help them bring their beautiful new child home. Please click here to find out the details.

I also want to ask you a HUGE favor. If you have a passion for orphans, if you have adopted and God has helped you financially, if Holly has ever touched your heart in any way (I know she has touched several), if you believe in fighting for the orphan and seeing one less orphan in the world could you please take 5 minutes today to help spread the word?

Just click here to get the details, Blog, Facebook, Twitter (whatever that is), send emails and let's show this 4 year old boy that God can move mountains when you have faith. Ask your friends to start their Christmas shopping and help bring his sister home.



Holly said...

Thank you so much Sarah. It really is amazing what God will do with a pure like a child! Josiah has NEVER doubted...NEVER been weighed down by the what if's or the financial obstacles to overcome or the criticism of other people who just don't understand why we would want to do this AGAIN. I am totally trusting God for the outcome of this fundraiser and trusting Him also to bless you back BIG time for the way you pour yourself into investing in other people's missions!!!
love you!

Holly said...

You don't have to publish this, but does the fundraiser start at 12 it technically from midnight until 11:59 Tuesday night? If so, I am shopping at midnight...I MUST have a hope or two hopes...LOVE them..and love the Autism awareness have OUTDONE yourself!! Let me know :)
and thank you..again!

Adeye said...

Cannot wait to see how God is going to open the floodgates and pour down PROVISION!!!!

Thank you for doing all you do for the children who wait, my friend.

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

Sarah - I would love to host a give-away on my blog. Please email me so I can help raise money for this beautiful family tomorrow!

God bless your heart for the voiceless!


Laurie said...

Hi Sarah,
I wanted to thank you for the necklaces. You really wowed us in how talented you are. They are awesome. God bless.
Laurie Enoch