Sunday, July 25, 2010

Home From The Most Relaxing Vacation Ever!!!

About a month ago we decided to take a vacation. It has been I think 3-4 years since we have had a real vacation. We honestly had no idea where to go but knew we could only go for about 4 days, we wanted a cabin and Amaya wanted a hot tub. I searched and searched for somewhere to go but in middle of July it's not easy to find a place. I had looked in Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, and Tennessee. One morning I just sat praying for God to find us somewhere that would be just what we needed and that he did. I found a little cabin in Michigan near the sand dunes (didn't even know that when I reserved it) and close to the lake that seems like the ocean.

We left Thursday morning at about 5 AM and the kids were sooooooo excited (OK, we were too).

This is the beautiful little cabin we stayed at and we loved it so much we are thinking about building one like it in a couple of years. Who needs a big house anyway?

Where we stayed there was no internet, no phone service and well not many places to eat. We were pretty hungry one day and asked a local where we could eat and she told us about this really cool dairy farm we could tour and have lunch. We even got to go see where they make cheese and ice cream. I know there are no cows in this picture but the kids were so cute in the hats they had to wear.

We got to take a ride in this very cool truck over the dunes and it was soooooooo much fun that we gave up going to a rodeo that night so that we could go on the ride again. Chris has decided he needs to find a way to live in Michigan in the summers so he can get a job driving these.

We spent lots and lots of time playing in the water at Lake Michigan and it was so very relaxing and fun. The kids had so much fun I didn't want to leave.

We had lots and lots of ice cream!!!

Chris and I also managed to put a puzzle together.

Now we have to convince my family and Uncle Walt and Aunt Robin to go back with us because we would have sooooooo much fun.


Tony and Rett said...

SO glad your vacation was relaxing and fun! I love the pink hats! I hope you feel renewed and refreshed!!!

Missed you!

christina said...

I am so glad you had a great time! Sounds like you all needed some time away...relaxing and enjoying one another. :) Start planning your next vacation to KENTUCKY!! :)