Monday, July 19, 2010

4-H Fun

We have been having fun this weekend! We love 4-H time here and this year I have my booth so we are having a lot of fair time.

One of the kids favorite things to do is go in the barn that you can hold chicks and bunnies. Can you tell this little one likes bunnies?

Amaya was cracking me up this year being a little teacher/mommy to Jaxson explaining everything to him and holding his hand all around the fair.

This is a picture of my very first booth. We ended up changing it around a little the second day but thanks to my mom it looks wonderful.

Last night on my way home I got a very excited phone call from my hubby and 3 kiddos. A few weeks ago Amaya and I had heard an owl but we live in town so this is kind of a rare thing and we have never seen an owl in town before. I think Chris thought I was a little crazy when I told him I had been hearing an owl when I was walking the dogs.
Last night Chris took the dogs out and he saw a baby owl just learning to fly. He told Amaya to hurry and get the camera and they all got to see it. I couldn't believe they actually got pictures of it. I hope I get to see it one of these nights.

OK, lots to do because I have 3 more days of fair. Have a good week!


Holly said...

soooo?!!!?? How's it going? Are those pendants flying off the table?!?!?!?!
Praying for you and thankful for your friendship!

Jess Fouche said...

Your booth looks so good! I hope it's a wonderful week and that you get all those pendants made quicker than you thought! You are blessing so many people through your life.