Wednesday, July 21, 2010

10-12 Year Olds

As I have been working at the fair this week I have had sooooo much fun with the kids ages 10-12. These kids come up to my booth and get soooooooo excited to see all the pendants and they come back all the time to see if I have any new ones.

Last night a group of girls came up and asked me about the down syndrome pendants and I explained to them about Reece's Rainbow and they took in every word I said. They were all so excited they wanted to buy a down syndrome pendant just to help a orphan with special needs get a home. One girl did buy a down syndrome one.

My mom and I have also made a new friend named Noah at the fair and he is 11. Oh my goodness I wish I could take Noah home with me but I think his mom and dad might miss him a little bit.

This is the last day of the fair and I can tell you I am really, really going to miss having these kids come around to talk to.

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