Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Power Of Prayer For An Orphan

OK, I haven't had much time to spend on this blog lately but it's time I get back to my true passion of advocating for orphans. This verse keeps going through my head today: A Father to the fatherless, a defender of widows IS God in His holy dwelling. God sets the lonely in families. Psalm 68: 5 & 6

So then I went looking at and once again I couldn't believe all the beautiful faces still waiting when at the same time so many future mommies and daddies crying because they don't have a child. God then reminded me that when we found Jaxson we were not looking to adopt but we just started praying for this beautiful child to find a family. I also remembered that back when I was crying about not being able to get pregnant I didn't have a clue about special needs adoption.

I have an idea and I would love, love, love if you would join me in giving something a try. If I start see this working I will try to do it every week. What if once a week tons of people came together to pray, blog, Facebook, Twitter (I still don't Twitter) about ONE child. I'm not saying to give up on the children you are already advocating for but just to add whatever child I post each week about too.

If 10 people blogged about the same child and each had 50 followers, at least 500 people would see that one childs face that week. If 10 people added it to their Facebook profile that each had 150 friends (I know most people have more friends) that is a possibility of 1,500 people being exposed to that one precious face.

Do you believe in the power of prayer? I do and I know it works. I also know that you can see a picture of an orphan not expecting to adopt but God shows you that child is yours.

So this is what I'm asking you to do:
I am posting a child below off of and I'm asking you to help me advocate this week for this child, pray for this child and if you feel led donate to this childs grant fund. If you blog about it please ask others to blog about it and you can link your post back to here to explain what we are trying to do. I am adding a linky for fun so if you blog about it would you leave the link to your blog in the linky? If you haven't used a linky before just follow the directions where it says "enter your link here", it is sooooo easy.

Let's get started and meet this weeks orphan:
Tara, Born September 30, 2002

She is extroverted and can express her feelings very well. When she is happy she will greet you warmly and embrace you enthusiastically; if she thinks that she was treated wrongly she will make sharp sound and cry loudly to blow off her discontent. She has made great physical progress and can go up and down stairs and loves to dance around!

Click here to find out more about Tara (you will need to scroll down the page).

Thanks for helping me spread the word about Tara this week and to pray for her. Let's let the power of prayer bring Tara a family!

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Jenny said...

Tara is so cute . I hope she does get a family soon. I will pray for her all week and hope that you will get others to help also on your mission.