Sunday, June 20, 2010

Up For A Crazy Love Monday???

If you are a Linny fan you know what I'm talking about. If your not a Linny fan then you just don't know what your missing.

Anyway most of you know that 3 years ago God blessed our socks off (OK, it was wayyyy more than socks) by providing everything we needed to bring Jaxson home in 1 week. God let us know right then that it was our job to help others bring home kiddos by Paying It Forward. When God blessed me with my Etsy shop I knew right away just how I could do that.

God is letting Chris and I use my shop to help families fundraising for adoption to bring their kiddos HOME. I honestly think I get as excited as the families do even though I'm not really making any money. I get something soooo much bigger than money, Chris and I get to be God's hands and feet in helping a child come home.

Tomorrow is the Smith families day of fundraising in my shop. The family gets ONE day to sell as many pendants as they possibly can and in return $5 of every item sold gets put directly in their grant fund through RR to bring their precious one home.

The Smith family has a goal of selling 100 necklaces tomorrow but I believe God is much bigger than that and I'm praying God sells 200 for them. I will be working my tail off but that's OK with me.

Want to be God's hands and feet tomorrow? Want to spread some crazy love and help make this families daughter come home?

Starting at midnight tonight until midnight tomorrow night any purchase made in my shop that the buyer leaves me a message at checkout saying "ADOPTION FUNDRAISER" we will donate $5 to help bring this kiddo home. MAKE SURE YOU LEAVE THE COMMENT AT CHECKOUT!

You can click here to get to my shop.

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