Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Two Questions

1. Does anyone still read my blog?

2. How many emails to you have in your inbox that you need to clean out? I just noticed I have 1100. Why is it so hard to just delete these silly things rather than leave them for later?

OK, have a wonderful day!


Talley Images said...

yes, still reading....

And consider yourself lucky... I have over 5,000 emails in two different accounts (thats over 10,000 emails)

The Thomasson's said...

1. I do!

2. I have alot to clean out. No clue on a number but I know I have ALOT!

Jessica said...

I still read ;) and I have more emails that you do in my inbox! ( I am embarrassed to say how many!)

Holly said...

1. Yes
2. WAY too many

I love your little girl that you are advocating for. She is one of my favorites :) I love them all so very much. Orphanage 33 is my favorite.

Amy Murphy said...

I'm reading.
I try to clean out the in-box as soon as possible, so I make folders for ones that I just can't get rid of. (I currently have 10 e-mails in my in-box which need replies or something done w/ them.)

Shonni said...

I do, and I have no idea about the emails (my head might be in the sand on this one)

Mark and Melanie said...

Of course I read your blog, silly! I agree with you about the Inbox - I love technology but there are times when I think I would rather just toss the computer out the window.

Have an awesome day!

christina said...

I'm reading! :)
I'm in the same boat as you regarding e-mails...348 here. ugh.
Love you!

Adeye said...

Still here, friend :)

Oh my goodness---I have too many e-mails to even mention. Soooooo many are still waiting for a reply from me. Ughhhhh....is there any possible way to get more hours in the day?????

Tammy said...

Still reading!

I have 3 email accounts. All have unread emails. :0S

I have one account just for placing orders and legal/official stuff. One for junk - I use it when I sign up for things that could result in receiving piles of ads. And the third is for friends/FB/blog stuff.