Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sometimes It's A Blessing

You know sometimes it's so easy to whine about things even if you don't do it out loud. One thing I have been whining around about for a long time is that we didn't have the money to take a vacation and that my dear husband has to be at his job for 2 years before he gets a vacation. We have not been on a family vacation I don't think in about 3 years (maybe longer) and our last trip was 2 years ago to bring Jaxson home.

Chris and I have been working crazy hours but that's OK because God is blessing us through it and it's teaching our kids about hard work and helping. We have finally decided to not wait another year for him to get a paid vacation and just trust that God will bring some extra side work in for him and that my shop will continue to do well and we are running away on a vacation. We are only going to go for a few days but the picture below gives you an idea of what we will be doing on vacation.

All this time it has been so hard watching families take so many vacations when we didn't get one. Since we told the kids yesterday they are just soooooo excited because it is really the first vacation (that they will remember anyway) for them. I got thinking that if we had the money to do fun stuff all the time or go on vacation a few times a year then we would miss out on this special excitement they have.

So just like God has taught me wayyyyy too many times.........sometimes it's a blessing to have to wait.

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christina said...

I agree completely! I think we enjoy special things/events more because we don't do them often. My kiddos get super excited about going out for ice cream or dinner because we rarely do it. It makes us all more grateful and creates some real excitement around here! I hope your vacation is a great memory making time! :) ENJOY!