Saturday, June 5, 2010

Crazy Love Saturday

Almost 3 years ago Chris and I began the journey of faith in bringing Jaxson home. At the time we said "YES" we had no money to bring him home. God gave us a miracle and showed us how much Jaxson needed to be in our family by providing almost the entire amount of money in one week. The cool thing is that most of the money came from people we barely knew or didn't know and some wonderful people we do know.

At that moment we knew it was are responsibility to do whatever we could through life to help bring other children home. When God gave me this Etsy shop I knew right away that God would use it just for that purpose.

Today I am soooooo excited because a very special family is fundraising through my shop today. You can read their story below. For every purchase made in my shop today we will donate $5 towards bringing this precious child home. All you have to do is leave a message in "notes to seller" at checkout saying this is for the adoption fundraiser. This is for today ONLY so go shopping and help bring this angel home.

Click here to go shopping.

By the way if you or someone you know is in the adoption process and is homestudy approved I would love to talk to you about helping you fundraise too.

Please read their story:

VAUGHN for the Moses family--Red Bank, NJ

Seegal and Rich have been married for 12 years. After having 6 biological children, Seegal felt a very strong pull to adopt. After praying for a year that God would speak to Rich's heart too, both were led to Guatemala. They welcomed little Abigayle into their heart and home and thought their family was complete. After a year they were led to adopt again, but were met with heartache when their Azerbaijani 10 year old girl with Hepatitis C went missing.
It took some time to heal, but the pull was still there, they knew their children were out there, waiting for a forever family. Although they were set on adopting domestically, Seegal kept visiting the Reeces Rainbow site, looking into the eyes of the beautiful children, and was always drawn to the HIV+ angels.

One day, Seegal looked at the site after a friend pointed out one of the children and she fell in love instantly. She knew immediately that she was looking at her new child!

Facing high fees and long travel, they were not deterred and they have complete faith that God will help them bring their perfect little muffin home!

Any donations would be so helpful, every penny is one cent closer to helping Vaughn have a forever family!


I have $0 in my FAMILY grant fund towards the cost of my adoption!

Follow the Moses family's adoption journey on their blog at

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Holly said...

I totally know that little face! I am on RR almost EVERY day looking at the HIV+ treasures in the Ukraine!!