Monday, June 28, 2010

Crazy Love Challenge

My bloggy friend Linny (which I got to hug in person a year ago) has been having these wonderful Crazy Love Challenges. Pictured below is my birthday gift from my hubby that I got from her first challenge of supporting families that were doing things to raise money for their adoptions. I knew I had to have one of these as soon as I saw it. Just in case you just have to have one of these you can click here to find out how to get one.

A couple weeks ago Linny shared on her blog that her church is doing a big Crazy Love event and asked if anyone would like to join in on the fun and spread some Crazy Love this summer. Linny sent Chris and I some Crazy Love cards to pass out when we spread some Crazy Love.

Linny has asked people to blog today about how they spread Crazy Love so I will share with you what we did. We got our cards in the mail last week and Chris and I were going out on a date night. I handed Chris a Crazy Love card and told him we needed to use this on our date night. I really thought I would have to figure out something for us to do but no my wonderful, amazing, totally cute hubby had been thinking since the moment I gave it to him about what we should do. We went out for dinner at a place that wouldn't cost us much but would be fun for us to go to. As we were eating Chris said "I'm going to leave a crazy tip for our Crazy Love." Chris then left a tip that was double what our meal cost and made sure it was wrapped up very well in the Crazy Love card so they wouldn't miss it. I have to say I have never had so much fun leaving a tip in my life. Are we crazy for doing that when we are not overflowing in money by any means? You bet we are crazy....we are crazy for the God that gave us the money to give them. We are crazy about sharing God's love. We are crazy about making someone's day that chances are could really use that tip we left them.

One other way we are spreading Crazy Love is by helping adoptive families fundraise through my Etsy shop. God sent many, many people to give us Crazy Love 3 years ago by providing what we needed to bring Jaxson home and it feels so good to be able to spread that Crazy Love back by helping families raise money to bring their kiddos home. If your adopting and need help fundraising please, please leave me your email address and I would love to talk to you.

What are you waiting for? Go spread some Crazy Love today and then come back and leave me a comment letting me know what you did to spread some Crazy Love.

PS Did you know this Crazy Love is soooooooo much fun?


Mom Of Many said...

Awesome post!! Yippee Jesus! Tell Chris I am REAL proud of him...and so glad I got to hug both your necks almost a year ago. You guys totally rock! xo

Shonni said...

What a fun way to "share some love"! Thanks for sharing!!!

Leah W said...

amazing how doing something to bless someone else can make your own day so much fun.

i am sure you blessed whoever waited on you!

Su said...

Thanks for loving our God! Thanks for letting His love just bubble out of you. Thanks for giving that waitress a big crazy love tip.

and thanks for linking to my paintings. .it is a joy to create them and I am humbled God is selling them to bring home our son.

more later-
Su Soutter

Janet said...

Here's what you asked for! I will be travelling for our 4th sn kid in Aug. We do not have travel expenses or orphanage donation. We would be grateful to be added to your prayer list!