Monday, June 21, 2010

Memorial Box Monday

OK, I have to be crazy to be doing this today of all days. If you read the post below you will understand why but it is also the reason I wanted to make sure I did this today. I will make this as short as possible but I have been reminded many, many times today of what God did for us.

Three years ago this month I saw a picture of the most beautiful little boy I had ever seen. We weren't looking to adopt a the time but I couldn't get this picture out of my head. As a family we started praying that this boy would find a good Christian family.

The end of July came and I was in love with this boy. I couldn't get myself to tell Chris that though because we didn't qualify for China and we have NO money at all. My friend Rett called from vacation asking me if we were going to proceed with the little boy and I told her she was crazy. God worked on me big time that day though and I finally admitted to Chris that I felt he was our son and Chris said he felt the same way. Chris told me that if God wanted him in our home he would make it happen.

About 7 or 8 weeks later God had finally (after much stress let me tell you) opened every door except the money part. Chris called the agency and said he was our son but we had no money and we were trusting God to provide. The agency said "that's great but you need $6,500 in one week."

It's a long story of how the miracle happened but God provided $18,000 in 1 week. God provided through family, friends and many, many strangers donating change, dollars and checks. God knew exactly how he was going to bring Jaxson home and it was by having TONS of people donated little, sometimes BIG amounts to give us exactly what we need. I am sooooo thankful that when God asked those people to empty out their change jars, write a check or bring us cash that they listened to him.

OK, gotta go I get to be part of paying it forward today and I am having sooooo much fun. Please if you haven't read the post below go read it.

Have a wonderful day!!!

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