Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thankful Thursday (I know it's been awhile)

OK, I totally need to do Thankful Thursday today! I have to deal with some real parenting issues this morning and to be honest it just stinks! I am sitting here with butterflies in my stomach because of what I have to do this morning (let's just say that one of the kids has learned some hard lessons these last couple of weeks about consequences of actions). OK enough of that.

The other day after we got home from Paigie's surgery we were sooooooo tired. We hadn't slept the night before because Chris heard something in the night (the boiler) and then we couldn't go back to sleep. We honestly felt like we had major jet lag like when your walking in that fog.

We put the kids to bed and Amaya and Jaxson started crying and crying because they forgot their nightime buddies at grandma's house. We really did not have the energy at all to go get them from grandma's.

Chris said "oh, I'll go get them". When he got back this is what I saw:

I am so thankful my kids have a daddy that will run to grandma's to get stuffed animals for his kids even when he's beyond exhausted.

God gave me a good man!!!


Shonni said...

That picture is so precious and yes, what a blessing to have a daddy that loves them so!

Goins Gang said...

What a great Dad he is!!