Monday, April 12, 2010

Thankful Thursday on Monday

My friend Rett asked me how my weekend was and after I told her she told me I had to blog about it and I have to say I agree with her.

You know when you have those God moments and there is just no other way to explain but God. That was our weekend this last weekend.

As most of my readers know Chris flips cars to help with our income. He buys used non-running cars and fixes them and sells them. Chris had bought a Cadillac a month or so ago that needed a new engine but those engines aren't cheap and we hadn't had the money yet to look for one. This weekend I found a Cadillac on Cra*gslist that had been wrecked. Chris just knew God had this car for him. We honestly had no idea how much the guy wanted for it but we borrowed a truck, rented a trailer and headed out knowing God would have us coming home with this car.

We were supposed to be at the guys house at a certain time and we were early so we went camera shopping. We have desperately needed a camera and with my blog and us selling cars we needed a camera. We walked into the store and the camera I had wanted was $50 less than anywhere I had found online. We then told the guy we wanted it and the only one he had was one that had been returned but nothing was wrong with it. So this meant they took a large amount off the camera.

We then went to go see the car and the people were honestly the nicest people ever. They sold Chris the car for 1/3 of what that motor is worth. It's funny because when Chris got back in the truck we looked at each other and talked about how friendly these people were. Who knows, maybe they were just angels in human form because God knew we needed that motor. I know it sounds crazy but we strongly believe God has a plan behind ever car we sell.

God has also blessed us big time about giving us some realities of food we had never thought about. I'm not ready to go into detail on here yet what God is teaching us (you would think I was a wack job) but God is teaching both Chris and I that Satan can be behind a lot of the foods we put in our bodies.

We are only a week and a half into our 90 day journey with God but it's amazing how much God will share if your willing to listen. Have you taken the time to listen to God lately?


Tony and Rett said...

SO glad you shared!

Put your armor on though...Satan won't like how much you're growing!

Praying for you and your journey!

Mark and Melanie said...

Hi, Sarah

I absolutely believe that you encountered angels last weekend! What great proof of God at work in our lives!

What kind of Cadillac is Chris restoring? Email me with the details.

I am looking forward to reading you blog about the food stuff, too!