Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Do You Have Your Mother's Day Gift Yet?

My Mom would love to make you up a gift basket for the special Mother in life life. Mom can even include a special gift card that is made out of seeded paper that you plant and it turns into beautiful flowers to be included with your basket.

You won't find better noodles than these just ask any of her customers. I know I'm her daughter but it's the truth.

If you live locally then you already know how good they are. Also if you live locally you can save on the shipping by emailing your order and then picking it up yourself. You can email her at:

If you don't live locally you can order then online by clicking here. She is very careful about packaging them so that they arrive in perfect condition.

What are you waiting for? These are the best noodles ever!!!

PS If you have had mom's noodles can you leave a comment telling everyone how yummy they are?


Mark and Melanie said...


I absolutely agree - your mom makes THE BEST NOODLES ever. I had never had anything like them (or even heard of such a thing) until she made them for Bob and I - pretty sure it was beef and noodles. There is nothing that can compare... comfort food at it's finest!

And even more importantly, those noodles are made with such love and care!

So... really, consider buying some for mom or another special lady in your life. You will not regret it and if you are like me, you may actually become "hooked" on those noodles! :)

christysings2 said...

I have to say my favorite story about mom's noodles was when I gave a friend of mine a package. Her mom was over and she asked if she wanted to stay for lunch. She explained that these "Coe's" noodles were made by my mother. Her mother turned red instantly and had to explain how ALL those years she made those "homemade" noodles, they were really COE'S noodles. She had just hid them where none of the kids would see.

christina said...

There isn't a better noodle on the planet! :) They aren't available in stores where we live (Kentucky), so my parents deliver my "order" when they come to visit us. My pantry is always well-stocked with Coe's yummy noodles. :) I love the gift baskets - what a perfect gift for a bridal shower! Every new bride could use an easy/delicious meal to prepare for her new husband.

Goins Gang said...

Your Mom's noodles are the best!!!