Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tube Day for Paige

Paige has had a very hard winter and had an ear infection from October until February. So we decided with the doctors that tubes were in need (also hoping it helps with her breathing problems she gets).

We talked and talked to her about what was going to happen today and she was excited. The nurse couldn't believe her pulse rate because she said kids are never that calm coming in.

We decided to have it done at a children's hospital a couple of hours away and I am soooooo glad we went there. As soon as they got Paige in the room they brought in toys for her to play with. Then they let her drive a power wheels Jeep around the outpatient surgery area while we were waiting.

A dog even came into visit her about 5 minutes before surgery time.

Then several nurses came to pick her up and she got to drive the Jeep into the operating room. They came in 4 minutes after she left the room to tell us she was already asleep because she was so calm about everything. Five minutes later the Dr. came in and said he was done and it went great.
**Hint to any parent taking their child for surgery, please explain to your child what is going to happen. The Dr. was blown away by how prepared Paige was and not scared. The Dr. said most parents don't prepare their children well or don't tell them at all until they get there and it's horrible.
Paige spent 10 minutes in recovery and then they brought her back to us.

About 15 minutes later we were headed out the door. Paige had to get her wheelchair ride in before we could leave the hospital. The poor thing was still half out so I don't even know if she really got to enjoy the ride.

We stopped for lunch at a place we had never been and they brought Paige desert and it was a Rice Krispie treat on a paint palate plate with chocolate, caramel, sprinkles and a paint brush for her to decorate it before eating it. Paige thought this was the greatest thing ever.

So even though our day included minor surgery....... PAIGE HAD A BLAST.


Tony and Rett said...

SOOO glad it went well!

She's such a good girl!

P.S. Where'd you eat? Cool dessert!

jeanette said...

praising God the day went well.

how could it not with that way cool dessert?!

Goins Gang said...

Makes me want to have tubes put in my ears!
We are thanking God that things went so well!