Saturday, March 13, 2010


This texting thing that most the world has that we don't have....just let me tell you how I feel about it.

Yes, I will make some of you mad (even some family members) but it's my blog and I can say what I want.

I am sooooo sick of this text thing. I know one of these days we are going to have to get text
but really I am sick of it!!!
Everytime I drive anywhere I see people texting rather than watching the road. Do they not know I have precious cargo with me? With one look away you could take one or more of my precious treasures from me.
I'm so sick of people that won't answer their phones anymore, they only take texts. HELLO WORLD there are still some of us that don't spend $20 a month on text packages yet.
People texting in church now drives me crazy. People yell about other people texting in church but these are the same people that are reading those people texts in church. I have a problem with this!!!
Dinner with friends now includes dinner with who knows how many people because everyone but us and our friends Craig and Kari (they live in the dark ages too) first thing they do is lay the phone in front of them so they don't miss a text.
I probably don't have any friends anymore now that I said this (Craig and Kari will still be our friends) but one of these days Chris and I who have very mild personalities are going to be buying someones phone after we throw it across the room.


susieloulou said...

Oh, I feel your pain. I have a text plan that comes free with our family plan - which is okay because I want to keep in touch with my kids who live far away. But if I were having dinner with someone who had their phone in front of them ready to text, I would be so offended!!! My daughter who lives with me won't even do that to me - so rude!!

Sally- That Girl! said...

I love to text!!!! But not while driving, not ever in church nor at a dinner table. There is texting etiquette.

Seriously, texting is a great way for me to get quick information to my hubby, grown kids and friends without having to disturb someone when they are busy. And then sometimes it is just down right fun to banter back and forth with my sister who lives far away and is equally busy with her four kids.

Hey, I still follow your blog but I gotta go, I just got a text!!!

clj said...

Hey, Kari and I can text if we weren't too cheap to buy the plan. We have phones specifically designed for texting but we don't us it. It is much easier to actually talk to the person. The only ones we would text is Chris and Sarah and they are too cheap to pay for texting as well:>)

Holly said...

I feel your pain girl. I hate texting too. Pick up the phone and CALL me please! :)

Wendy said...

Hey there!!
I agree with every word you said!!!! Yes, I have almost been hit by people texting and driving. But also, the cell phones, if you think you might have a cell call, do everyone a favor. Put it within very easy reach to answer it! People taking their eyes off the road to look for their phone is not a good thing! By the way, I am to cheap to even pay for texting also!!!

Tony and Rett said...

I m a txter! i mght evn b a rude txter sumtimes. Thx 4 the remindr.

U will get my membrshp 2 Txtrs Anonymous via txt soon. O w8. U dont txt. k, ill email it 2 u.

Luv u friend!

P.S. I LOVE to text. But I HATE breaking my 5th graders of using text language in their writing! Stopping them from using ain't is easy peasy! But "i" and "u" is harder habit to break!

Talley Images said...

I am so, so there... in fact, I dont even use my cell phone to call people, I just take calls.... and absolutely no texting!

Treva said...

I agree. I text, but there are times when it is not appropriate, Like church, at meals, or while driving. It's nice to be able to text Tony while he is in a meeting. Texting can't replace talking on the phone. I usually can't say everything in 160 characters.

Joshlin said...

I so agree. I also don't like those chain texts or emails!!!