Friday, March 26, 2010

Ten Things That Make Me Happy

No Greater Gift is having a giveaway and to enter you have to post about ten things that make you happy. I love this idea so here goes my list:

1. Worship time alone with just me and my precious Father in heaven.

2. Cuddling with my best friend (hubby) in the recliner and then having 3 kiddos crawl up on top of us.

3. Spending time at our land that God gave us. Our land is the most peaceful place we have ever been.

4. LEMONS......oh anything lemon makes me happy.

5. My little yellow finches that come to visit us every year. I get sooooo excited when I see the first one come back home for the summer.

6. Coffee, coffee and more coffee!!!

7. Nothing brings a smile to my face more than when someone tells me that they are bringing one of God's precious little angels home. Actually this brings lots of happy tears too.

8. Something that makes me very happy is putting together Shoeboxes for Samaritans Purse every year. I get so excited to put these boxes together!

9. Looking for treasures whether it be non-running cars for Chris to flip, Etsy shops that make amazing pieces of art or buying a pile full of stuff at a foreclosure sale that we can clean up and sell.

10. The ocean makes me happy (we are long overdue of an ocean visit) because standing there looking out on the ocean makes you realize how BIG God is and how powerful he is.

I could keep writing and writing but that's all for now. If you want to get in on the very cool giveaway you need to visit No Greater Gift and get your list posted quick.

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