Friday, March 12, 2010

Gonna Get Real....

Are you ready for me to be completely honest? I am stressing out to no end!

Since we decided we're going to stay in our house for awhile we need to paint and just update things. We don't have the money to do this all the time so when I do it I need it to be good for awhile. I finally decided I wanted to do our diningroom in blue and brown (my husband thinks I'm losing my mind because I've never bought anything blue before). I went to the paint store and I could not decided on a color.

I came home and decided I needed a nap after all the stress and I even dreamed of being at the paint store for hours and couldn't decided on a color.

I decided to look up curtains online because maybe that would help me. The truth is.....grown up decorations are BORING. Really, what is wrong with decorating your diningroom in monkeys?

If I put something like this up people would think I needed on medication but isn't it sooo much cuter than adult stuff. Why do people think you only like monkeys, frogs and fun colors as a kids?

OK, thanks for letting me vent and if your a decorator how about picking out a color for me???


christina said...

Maybe monkeys in the dining room would inspire you to eat more bananas? :) I agree with you - I want my home to be filled with things that make me feel happy. After all, I spend a lot of time here - might as well enjoy it! I wish I was there to help you...I have made the curtains for our house for much less than we could have bought them...and so simply! Oh, to live next door to would be so much fun!

Adeye said...

Go ahead, friend--get the monkeys!!!! It's YOUR house and who cares what anyone says :) Besides, you can never please them all!

Holly said...

a light almost gray blue and dark chocolate brown would be BEAUTIFUL!!
I am a green earthy house is done in browns and golds and terra cotta...earthy.
What makes you happy? I mean what is your FAVORITE color?
You might have to tone it down a bit to paint it on the wall..but think about what you LOVE to be surrounded by. What makes you happy?
For me, it's the colors of nature.
I don't do frills and lace or wallpaper or white couches and formal furniture.
Our couches are brandy colored leather...worn a bit from the kids and the throw pillows are Santa Fe inspired. We could be cabin dwellers and be happy, Tony and I.
Just think about what makes you happy and pray about it. Yes I'm serious. Pray and ask the Lord to show you what to do. He cares about all the details!

Tony and Rett said...

You're talking to the wrong girl here. I have a Crayola kitchen. It's apple green. And our bedroom? a soft purple. The girls' room? Pumpkin orange, soon to be pink.

GO FOR IT GIRL. If you love it, paint it. DO NOT STRESS over which shade. Go with your gut. And if you want to accent in monkeys, SO BE IT!


Talley Images said...

Get the monkeys... its your house, you have to live with it... :)