Sunday, January 3, 2010

Jaxson's 4th Birthday!!!

Yesterday we celebrated Jaxson's 4th birthday! Jaxson woke up screaming "I finally 4, I finally 4. Paige and I twins now, I finally 4." Paige and Jaxson are only 7 months apart so they get very excited when they are the same age for 5 months out of the year.

I had to make Chinese noodles for our precious little boy. Jaxson would eat Chinese noodles and rice every meal, every day if he could. I will try to post the recipe for these tomorrow because they are very yummy.
Momma was sick so we got a cake from Me*jer. They had way to many cakes that he would like but he decided on the Thomas cupcake cake. If you have never had a cupcake cake they are so easy and fun.

Only 1 cousin (Addison) could come because some where at their dads house, some live in South Carolina and the other one was sick. Addison just cried and cried when she thought she wouldn't be able to come because her sister got sick but grandma brought her so she wouldn't miss out.

Some noise makers came with the birthday hats I got (birthday hats are one thing Amaya will not let us go without on birthdays) and the kids LOVED them.

Daddy got Jaxson a very special gift. Chris bought him a real toolbox and real tools to keep with daddy's stuff. Jaxson was sooooo excited and wanted to take them right away to put with daddy's toolbox.

Jaxson was the only one that didn't have a sleeping bag so we got him one for his birthday and right away it turned into a boat.

I'm so glad God had this precious child waiting for us. Maybe God has one waiting for you too?


Adeye said...

Happy Birthday to your precious little boy. He sure does have the sweetest smile.

Love and hugs

Holly said...

Maybe even more than one! :)
Happy birthday bud! I wish you and Josiah could play together!

chicknboy said...

Happy Birthday sweet Jaxson!!!

Love the real tool box. :)

Goins Gang said...

Happy Birthday, Jaxson!!!
We are so glad God made you, and
that He made you to be with this
Love the sleeping bag/boat!!!
Love you all!
The Goins Gang