Tuesday, January 12, 2010

God's Little Blessing

Well, yesterday was one of those days that just start out not so good. First Amaya is NOT a morning person at all and it is sooooooo hard to get her moving in the mornings. Then Amaya did not want to go to school and she loves school.

I then found out I bounced not one but a few checks and this is not like me at all. I cried and cried, called the bank and apologized like crazy (I don't think she had ever had someone call her to apologize before.

Then Jaxson who LOOOOOVVVVVEEEEESSSSS school wouldn't get on the bus and I had to give him to the bus driver kicking and screaming.

So since I was already crying like crazy some things started hitting me that a pastor in our church (who by the way has been so real and honest which is AWESOME) has been talking about the last few months and man I just lost it in tears.

Chris called at lunch and I cried and cried with him on the phone. I then went to check my email and I saw an email that I had won a $50 gift certificate to 1-800-flowers.com. I truly felt like God was sending me flowers to brighten my day.

My friend Rett told me I have to spend it on myself (she knows me a little too well). So will you help me pick out what I should get? I'm not used to getting things for myself. Click here and then come back and leave me a comment telling me what I should get for ME.

Thanks Rett for being a true friend yesterday!

PS Have you been following my other blog? You might just win something for yourself.


Tony and Rett said...

I LOVE being your friend! God blesses me through you!

The tulips are just gorgeous! Any of them! OR, the January rose, the Eskimo rose. So pure white, just lovely!

Those are my picks! I hope you have a better day today!

The Mac's House said...

Your friend Rett is right, sometimes you do have to just do something for yourself. I am like you and have a hard time doing that or even admitting it. I'm the last to get something new in our house unless someone else buys it for me, don't know why just seems like I have been a stay at home mom I haven't put myself first in so many years. Sad isn't it that sometimes we feel like that.

Well anyways, Right on Rett! I vote for the Lemonade arrangements with the Gerbera Daisies! The yellow is so bright and cheery!

Congratulations on your gift to yourself!

Adeye said...

Oh how wonderful that God decided to bless you on a day that you REALLY needed it. He is so cool about stuff like that. I say the tulips--LOVE them :)

Hope today is sooooo much better. I cannot tell you how many times I have done that with the bank. These days I use cash ONLY :)

Talley Images said...

flowers are nice, but they dont last long... I vote on one of the gift baskets - yummy food or spa products seem lovely!

judymcoe said...

It's Your day (pg. 2), or It's all about you (I think pag. 3)