Thursday, January 14, 2010

It's About Time For Some Pictures Isn't It?

I just love my Paigie's smile don't you?

She is Hot Chocolate crazy right now and when she drinks it she gets it all over her face.
Now for one of my other little girls. Little Miss Kai Kai.

Do you see what she is wearing? That's right our little beautiful Cavalier daughter is in her first heat and this momma is very excited. I know that sounds crazy but I can't wait for her to have puppies. Next heat and we are working on some puppies!!!
Have you ever seen Cavalier puppies? Oh my, they are the cutest things you've ever seen.

I know a head is in the way but isn't she cute?

Won't they make cute puppies someday???


Adeye said...

Oh my word--is that a doggie diaper??? Toooo cute :)

Love your precious little girl's smile, friend. She looks like such a treasure.

chicknboy said...

love the pics.
Paige is adorable. :)
the puppy is too. :)