Thursday, January 28, 2010

How Do You Handle Moral Issues?

Life is happening wayyyy too fast in our home. I mean it was just 6 years ago that we had this little, itty, bitty girl in our arms and now we are making decisions everyday on how to handle things, how to set an example, what is OK to say and what's not. Who it's OK to be friends with and who it's better to just set a good example to but not be friends with.

Only 6 years after this little, tiny thing came into our lives we have to talk about friends that steal. We have to talk about people being bullies. We have to talk about the stuff that she's not allowed to do until she's 40 and married. Where did our baby go? Why do kids have to deal with such grown up stuff at 6 now?

Today though is going to be a hard day in our house. Because of our morals we are making the hard choice to stand up for what we believe but at the same time make our daughter very upset.

So thinking and praying about this makes me wonder about something? How many parents let their children do things that they don't feel is right just because they don't want their kids to get mad at them?

Do you know what their reading?

Do you know the video games their watching?

Do you know what CD's their listening too? Do you know we had to throw away a CD that was in a certain kids meal at a restaurant that starts with an M because the song talked about getting into a bar under age? How many parents realized that? I didn't. I played it for a couple weeks for my kids until Chris told me what they were singing. I would never have dreamed having to pre-listen to a CD that they got in a KIDS MEAL geared towards toddlers and pre-schoolers. I can tell you burning that CD came with tears but we explained to them why we had to do it.

Would you pull your kids out of a sport because of something you didn't agree with?

What about a friend? How many people have let their kids go to friends houses when they completely disagree with the friends parents lifestyle?

Are you willing to stand up for God even when it means making a really, really hard decision?


Holly said...

Raising Godly children is a FIRST priority. May not make you popular, sometimes not even with them, but if you LIVE what you preach, they will respect it.
We have had to many times do some of the very things you wrote about.
you know where Paul says whatever is pure and lovely and praiseworthy and admirable, etc...dwell on THESE things? Well, that is the basis for some of our actions regarding movies, tv, music etc.
And we have a steadfast no sleepovers rule b/c of things that happened before the rule.
Even other families who are Christians can have VASTLY different ideas on what is deemed appropriate. No apologies for raising YOUR children the way the Lord shows you to. It is the best investment in eternity you will ever make. Don't grow weary. Don't lose heart.

Adeye said...

Oh YES, we HAVE to stand up for what is right!!!! We absolutely believe that with all our hearts in our home. We will not compromise. Our kids may not initially love the decisions we make on their behalf--but they soon come around and see that we have their BEST interests at heart. We too make no apologies for the way we are raising our kids.

Stand firm, dear friend. You're doing a GREAT job with them.

christina said...

We find ourselves in the same place as you do....wondering when life became so complex for a six year old. We struggle with the culture's desire to "grow up" our children all too quickly - while we are committed to raising our boys with an age-appropriate innocence. It is heartbreaking and difficult. Sam doesn't understand why he can't watch certain movies (he thinks all animated movies are made with children as the target audience). He even asks why adults would make movies that aren't good for kids hearts and minds. I find myself asking the same difficult question. Why? I know that the answer lies in the sinful nature of all men and women. Money motivates, sex sells, and power is to be attained. Meanwhile, the world remains lost and without Christ. It could make you feel hopeless...oh, but JESUS! :) We are doing our best to raise up 4 young men who know and love God with their very lives. I am okay with making tough and even unpopular decisions on behalf of my's my job! I do my best to empathize with their feelings of disappointment or anger...but, then gently remind them how much I love them and that I would do anything to protect their hearts/minds for Jesus' sake. I love you, friend. When are you coming to visit? :)

Tony and Rett said...

I couldn't say it any better than the first three comments.

Basically, what's popular isn't always right. And what's right, isn't always popular.

Stand up, sister! Now is the time to teach those kiddos!

Talley Images said...

It is so good to know that we arent the only parents who watch out for our children and dont let them do everything they want to do... its craziness sometimes.