Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Please, Please Pray!

Linny and her family has had one more horrible thing happen. They have been working for 18 months to bring their daughter home from Ch*na and now just as they were waiting for things to finalize they have been told by Ch*na that they are not going to allow them to adopt her now because some paperwork didn't go through fast enough.

I know they have not officially adopted her yet but in their hearts this is their daughter. They have been praying over her picture, praying for their daughter for 18 months. Imagine being pregnant for 18 months and then losing your child right before you were able to hold your child in your arms. I know some people don't understand this but this is truly how it feels. I still grieve the child we were not able to adopt 6 years ago and I never even got to see his face.

The cool thing is that we have a God that could change the mind of these people that have made this horrible decision. We are not just talking about what the Saunder's are going through but this is a 7 year old girl with special needs that needs to be home with her mommy and daddy.

They have ask everyone to fast and/or pray tomorrow that the decision would be changed and that they would be allowed to bring their daughter home. They are also asking you to spread the word everywhere you can for them.

This family has lost more than you could ever imagine this year. There is no doubt in my mind that this is one HUGE spiritual battle because they are a family that Satan needs to be fearful of.

Please click here and read her post. They would pray for you so please do it for them!

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