Sunday, August 30, 2009

Chris Caught His First Fish

Can you tell my cute hubby is a bit proud? With a little help from me (I cast out the line) my dear hubby caught his very first fish.
Chris' boss had a dinner at his house and they have a pond which the kids loved. This was Jaxson's first time fishing and he loved it. Jaxson didn't catch any fish though but he still had fun.
Amaya is big enough we let her go fish by herself (we were very pretty close just in case she needed help). Amaya didn't catch anything either but she was pretty excited she was able to do it by herself.

Chris' boss was brave enough to take all the kids in the boat. He got out in the middle and then acted like the battery went dead and so the kids had to paddle back.

We had a great time though and the weather was wonderful. I just noticed I don't have any pics of Paige fishing but I was helping her fish so that's why.


Adeye said...

That looks like such a fun time. LOVE hubby's HUGE catch :)

Tony and Rett said...

HAHAAHAH....Was that the fish? or the BAIT? HAHAHAHAH

KIDDING! I can't has to be TOO quiet! GO Chris! And way to go Amaya, Jax, and Paige! (And mama too!)

Looks like fun!

christina said...

What a fun day! Brad says that Chris should hold the fish further away from his body for the picture - it makes it appear larger! :)
I miss you...when are you coming to visit?

Sarah Dawn said...

That's a great fish! thank you for splashing me today in God's faithfulness as we continue to journey towards our own adoption.

Blessings from Costa Rica,
Sarah Dawn