Saturday, August 22, 2009

Amaya's First Homework and Our Fish

Amaya came home super excited yesterday because she had homework. I wonder how long she will get excited over having homework but for now she thinks it's the greatest thing ever.

Amaya was so upset because she couldn't do it last night because our glue was dried up so we had to make a run to W*l-mart. We got home to late for her to do it last night so she didn't waist anytime this morning getting her daddy to do it with her.
Yesterday as soon as she got home she searched all over for the items she wanted to use for her project. We think she did a wonderful job and we are very proud of her.

OK, so I know this next picture didn't turn out very well (we have a very old camera). Anyway this is our fish that plays dead. I am not kidding, for the last 2 weeks this fish plays dead all morning and afternoon. He has almost had a trip the the toilet several times because he doesn't even move he just lays on his side in the corner of the tank. When the kids go to bed though he starts swimming like crazy all over the tank.
So have you ever seen a fish that plays dead?


Holly said...

WHY does he play dead? Who knew fish could really think?!?!!
Maybe he doesn't want the kids to play with him. Hey, remember the fish from the dental office in Nemo?
ha ha ha

Tony and Rett said...


You make this teacher pretty happy!

Talley Images said...

oh yeah, all the fish Ive ever owned go to sleep.... and when my husband and I had fish together for the first time, I told him that fish liked to sleep.... he then told me I was crazy...

Until he saw it for himself.... ha ha ha...

Congrats on the memorial box!