Monday, August 17, 2009

Amaya's 1st Day of School

Amaya is home from her first day of school and she said she had a WONDERFUL day and she can't wait for tomorrow.

Yesterday Amaya and her daddy went to walk around the school and pray together. I read this in a magazine and I thought that was a perfect idea and so it was a special time for them.

This morning I made Amaya cinnamon rolls since it was her first day and I knew she would eat them.
See how cute she is in her very special outfit that I ordered for her? I never spend money on clothes unless they are on sale but this was for a very special purpose. This is what Amaya looked like up until 5 minutes before school started. We got in the van and the buckle broke and we had to change her clothes very fast. It is a good thing we live very close to the school.
This is Amaya after a very quick change of clothes but she is still cute as can be.

Can you tell by Amaya's face that once she got into her classroom she was excited but just a little nervous?

We waited for her out on the porch and she was super excited when she got off the bus.

I made cookies for my cutie this afternoon and she headed straight for the kitchen when I told her.

Amaya said she had so much fun today and she loved the food they had too. Amaya can't wait for tomorrow to see what she gets to do. My big girl is already asking me too if some of her classmates can come over to play.
So there it is, Amaya had a blast so that should make it a little easier on mommy tomorrow.


Holly said...

So happy to hear my friend.
I do understand your anxious heart.
I had kids in school once too :)

Goins Gang said...

Yeah! Glad to know Amaya had a good day. . .I'm trusting you did too, Sarah!
Love ya,

Adeye said...

Yayeee, that sounds wonderful and so exciting. I am THRILLED that she had such a blessed day, friend. First day down!

You made it, sweet friend! I bet you had such an emotional day.

christina said...

YEAH for Amaya! I am so thankful that she had a great day. Learning is so much fun! Both outfits were adorable...sorry about the "wardrobe malfunction." {grin}

Tony and Rett said...

WHOO HOO! An official kindergartener! I'm thrilled she had a good day. I prayed for you all!

Sarah Dawn said...

Celbrating with you! Such a joy to find your site. As we continue on our adoption journey, the hope spilling from this blog will spill into our hearts!

Blessings from Costa Rica,
Sarah Dawn