Thursday, January 1, 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR and Thankful Thursday

HAPPY NEW YEAR Everyone! We actually stayed up to see the ball drop. We had some friends over and their 3 boys (Amaya was in heaven) and we had so much fun playing cards. Amaya stayed up until 12:30, we could not believe it but she was having so much fun with the boys.


I am thankful that last weekend we were able to have a surprise 40th anniversary party for my parents. There are not a lot of people these days that get to have parents that have been married that long. I'm so glad that my parents taught me that when you say "I do" that it means forever.OK, now I'm going to cry. I am so thankful that tomorrow we get to celebrate Jaxson's 3rd birthday with him in our arms and not looking at a picture wondering if in the orphanage they are doing anything to celebrate his birthday. Jaxson will have his very first birthday with his family. I am also very thankful that a email friend of mine is in V*etnam right now with her precious new daughter. I met this friend when we had both started to adopt from V*etnam 6 years ago and then the country shut down the adoption program and we both switched to Gu*tamala. God had different plans for both of us once again and we got pregnant and my friend had some life changes that lead her to foster care adoption. Now finally after 6 long years she has her daughter she has been dreaming about for so very long. Oh, and we both have 3 kiddos now.

Well, I gotta go my mom is taking me out to lunch today.



Mom Of Many said...

I am so thankful that Jaxson is home too!! I pray that the Lord brings you many, many, many more kiddos to fill up your arms and your home! =)

Much love, Linn
PS If your parents have been married 40 years that is only 10 more than Dw and I - UGH! I feel old..oh wait, I have a one year old - I can't be old!! *hehe*

Kari C. said...

Oh Sarah,
I am so happy Jaxson is home with you guys! He is so cute, and your girls are adorable. Enjoy celebrating his birthday. I can't wait for Elijah's birthday in March. Can you believe our boys have been home for over 6 months? It seems like they have been in our arms forever. I am praying that the Lord brings you lots and lots of kidos. Miss you on the AGCI board.
Kari C.- Mommy to Elijah
PS- I have loved reading your blog and Lynn's blog. I have just found out they are pastors with my second cousin in Durango. What a small world. :o)

Tony and Rett said...

Yay God! We get to celebrate our kiddos third birthdays WITH them...isn't it awesome???

And a BIG CONGRATS to your parents! My parents are "lifers" too, and I'm so proud!!! They give us something to look up to, right?

Happy birthday Jaxson!!!!