Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas as a Family of Five

We have had the best Christmas! It gets kinda crazy for us because of Chris having his birthday on Christmas eve. Yesterday we had to clean house, bake a birthday cake, bake cookies for Santa, go to Chris' birthday party at his dad's and then come home and get ready for Santa's visit.

When we got home from the party the kids were so very excited and they put their special cookies on our special celebrating Jesus' birthday plate and milk in the cup for Santa. The kids also put oatmeal in sandwich bags because they thought the reindeer would be hungry too.
We have a tradition of getting the kids "special" Christmas pajamas that they open up before they go to bed on Christmas Eve so they will be all ready for opening gifts in the morning. The kids were so excited about their PJ's that I actually got a picture of all 3 of them with their faces all showing and smiles on all 3. This type of picture never happens so this is priceless.

The kids started playing around and dancing in their new pajamas and it was so cute. Jaxson was so excited and he didn't even have any idea what was going to happen Christmas morning.It did not take Jaxson long at all to figure out that he loved this opening gifts and having new toys inside thing. Jaxson would have opened presents all day if he could have. He also now has toys that are meant for BOYS and not girls.
I got a very special gift this year. I never, ever buy anything for myself unless I just have to. I have wanted a new microwave for years now but I just wouldn't spend the money on myself. I got a microwave for Christmas!!! I no longer have to use the dorm size one I bought when I was 18 that I bought with a winning scratch off lottery ticket.
OK, last but not least here is a picture of my darling Chris as H*nnah M*ntana.


Tony and Rett said...

WHOO HOOO SO glad you had a good Christmas!! It looks like everyone had fun. Too bad we didn't get to see YOU enjoying your new microwave!!!!

So excited that you were able to celebrate as a family of five!

christina said...

What a sweet picture of your kiddos smiling big - you can almost feel the excitement! :)
I am so excited about your new microwave!!! Reheat all of your Christmas leftovers with great joy! God is so good!

Goins Gang said...

Great pictures! God truly is good!
We will be sure to pray for Chris. . .is he having an identity crisis?