Sunday, December 14, 2008

Please Pray for Linny and Dw

It is 12:45 in the morning and God has me up praying for this amazing couple. I honestly felt I could not go back to bed without asking on here for prayer for them. Linny is the one I have posted about that is in Uganda picking up their new children. They ran into some roadblocks on their very last step they needed to get home. Within like 24 hours of the problem God had Dw on his way to Uganda. Their story is AMAZING and I honestly believe God has Dw in Uganda for more than just the paperwork because his heart longed to be there.

Please if you are reading this take a moment right now and pray for them. Pray that God not only clears the path for them to come home but that he also shows Dw and Linny clearly why he wanted Dw in Uganda. God is using this couple to find homes for many children I believe. They have taken the hard road to make it smoother for others that follow and to find homes for some precious children.

If you click right here you can go to their blog and read their AMAZING God story.

Thank you!

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Mom Of Many said...

S~ Thank you for asking for prayer for us....I just posted what happened today.pray that no one who would want to 'ruin our day' will read the post - i just had to be honest (although I did not share all of the story) about what happened...

Also, i cannot open Yahoo anymore from I will write you back when it can be opened again...and without specifics - - i got the video you mentioned...on my cell cause that is the best. i will send it when we hit minneapolis if you send me your my yahoo maybe?? i should be able to do it from there at least - if I can find a cyber cafe in the airport or maybe i can open yahoo before we leave uganda...

Thank you for praying for us so is encouraging to our hearts to know we are not from uganda...xo