Friday, December 5, 2008

Our Tree and More

I have been trying to post this for a week now but we are still in the dial-up world so sometimes it's hard to get pictures up. Last weekend we got to go pick our tree from the tree farm. We have not done this since having babies (we had a fake tree) but I am so thankful that all the lights dies on our other tree last year so that meant a fresh tree this year. The kids loved going out and picking a tree. I had told them that morning what we were doing and the whole day Jaxson kept asking to go get the tree even though he didn't know what we were talking about. As soon as Jaxson woke up from his nap he asked if we could go get the tree.

After we got the tree and came home I wish more than anything I could have taped the look on Jaxson's face when we brought the tree inside. The kids had so much fun decorating and helping daddy water the tree.

The picture above is a boy named Grady. I posted about Grady a couple months ago that he needed a family fast because he turns 14 in June and then he is no longer available for adoption. Grady has some medical issues that he needs help for and without a family he more than likely will not get the help he needs.

Grady has a family that wants him BAD. The problem is that God has to move some very, very big mountains to make this possible. These mountains also need to be moved very quickly to get Grady a family before his birthday. Please, please pray for Grady and this family that God would move those mountains and let Grady spend the rest of his life having a very special family that loves him very much.

One more thing, we have reason to CELEBRATE. The family I had posted about in the last post just got to see God move mountains for them. They have been granted favor by the court to bring home and adopt 2 amazing, beautiful children that God had waiting for them in Africa. You really should go check out their blog and see these children and read their amazing story. Oh, don't forget to leave them a comment and congratulate them.


Tony and Rett said...

Ohhhh I will pray for him! I want him to have a family so bad too!!!!

Isn't it fun sharing traditions and the love of Jesus with our newest family members? I love this season!

Mom Of Many said...

When I saw Grady I started to cry...yes I will pray for his forever family's mountains to be moved...he is absolutely ADORABLE!! He reminds me of my TyTy....and Ty has brought us untold joy!

Thank you so much for praying for our miracles - they are precious! Could Africa and the baby orphanage where they are be in YOUR future?? *hint-hint* (not too subtle either -LOL)....Love from Uganda! Linn