Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thankful Thursday!!!

Well, I started this post earlier and while I was writing I got a phone call with some pretty crappy news. After some time to take it in I decided I'm not going to let Satan steal the show today so I am posting my thankful Thursday anyway.

I am so very thankful for this precious miracle child of ours that thinks adoption is a miracle and a gift from God at 5 years old. A child that just ask me this morning when we were going to go get her another brother. This may be the only child in her class when she goes to school that thinks babies come from airplanes and not mommies tummies.

I am thankful for this precious boy that wakes up very early every morning with lots of hugs and kisses for his mommy. For this child that holds his mommies hand and gently touches my face. For this child that is so full of joy he makes everyone around him smile.

I am thankful for this beautiful little smile in this precious gift from God. God has given her the gift of stubbornness but I pray that she will use that someday to fight for things that need fought for. I am so thankful for her giggles, her hugs and kisses and for when she says "I love you mommy".

I am thankful that I have 3 healthy children that act like monkeys on their bed. Let's not tell daddy that mommy was letting them jump on the bed.

I am thankful for the piles of laundry we have every day because that means we have clothes to wear and keep us warm.

I'm thankful because today we have a pantry full of food and my kids have tummies that are full.

Last but definitely not least, I am so very thankful that my blogger friend Linny got the papers she needed to bring home her beautiful babies from Uganda.


Mom Of Many said...

Love, Love, love your thankful thursday list!!! How faithful God is and yes, piles of laundry totally rock, don't they??

I have tons of pictures I took this AM of the babies...BUT the stupid internet is not cooperating to even send the picutres to Dw....for him to post....ARGGHHH

Pray that tomorrow it will work!! We go to the Embassy this time with the babies and all the papers - how miraculous of God - only because of prayers of God's people - thank you for praying so faithfully!!

Much love from Uganda, linny

Tony and Rett said...

I'm proud of you for going through with your Thankful Thursday post. I'm thankful you have chosen NOT to let Satan win!

Mom Of Many said...

By the way, forgot to proud of you for getting crappy news and going ahead and being thankful - WAY TO GO GIRL - YOU ROCK!!

I pray today is better!

Much love from Uganda,

amy said...

what a much neeeded post today..just beautiful...awesome