Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thankful Thursday!

Ok, this isn't going to be very long today because I am exhausted. Chris and Paige were up all night very sick with the flu so that means momma was up too.

1: I am so thankful that if Chris had to lose his job that it happened right before Christmas so we could have a few weeks together.

2: I'm thankful that Chris is off work this week since we have the flu in the house.

3: I am thankful I have the BEST husband in the whole wide world!!! The poor thing is so very sick and he is worried about me not having any sleep.

This thankful Thursday thing is really a good thing because even when your day totally stinks like last Thursday and today it really makes you look for the positive things of the day or week.

PS 4: I am SUPER DUPER thankful it is now nap time. Goodnight!


Tony and Rett said...

Heheh, good post! My dh was sick last night too :(

I did a Th. Thursday post helped make my day better!


chicknboy said...

praying for you guys..for the sickies to go away, that noone else gets it..and that Chris gets a job! :)

Goins Gang said...

I love the idea of "Thankful Thursdays"!!! Mind if I steal it?