Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thankful Wednesday

Well, my blogger friends out there have been doing something called Thankful Thursday. I have been wanting to do this but I couldn't wait until tomorrow because I have been blessed today.

1: I am thankful that I have a Heavenly Father that loves me even when I fail, that protects me from evil and that loves me more than I could ever begin to imagine.

2: I am thankful for a very dear friend of mine that is a HUGE supporter of mine and that God used her to open my eyes about something this morning.

3: I am thankful that God entrusted me to a ministry that is so dear to his heart that it is painful. A ministry that brings you to tears everyday to see hurting children but a ministry that makes you celebrate when a family finds their child.

4: I am thankful for this blogger world that gives people an oppurtunity to share the blessings God has given them and to stretch people in their faith.

5: I am thankful for my wonderful friends that are kind enough to leave me wonderful, encouraging comments and understand that what God has called Chris and I to is something not a lot of people understand. I am also thankful for those that haven't commented yet (please do it makes my day) but reads our blog and shares in our blessings.

6: I am thankful that God blesses us with 2 beautiful little girls and our beautiful hidden treasure we found in China.

7: I am thankful that God gave me a husband that loves God, loves me and loves our children that we have now and those we hope to be blessed with in the future.

8: I am thankful that even when times are hard we have a roof over our heads, food to eat, gas in our car and a family for us to love.

9: I'm thankful that God gave Chris and I the hearts to love those unique children in the world that are the hidden treasures others are missing.

10: Last thing for today I'm thankful I am finally figuring out Facebook.

I also have a prayer request. A blogger friend of mine is in Africa right now picking up her 2 amazing gifts from God. Can you pray that everything goes well for them and that they have a safe trip home? If you have time check out their blog here.


Tony and Rett said...

Awww, lots of lovely things to be thankful for!

I'm thankful for many of the same things...thanks for putting them into words.

BTW, number 10, just cracks me up!

Great post!

Mom Of Many said...

Thankful Thursday - Yippee Jesus! Thank you for all your comments and prayers - we have been so encouraged...God is sooo faithful...and my poor hubby is having such a hard time- he is so grateful for my blog friends -LOL - who'd have thunked?? =) Much love, Linny (from Uganda)

christina said...

If you can manage three small children in the grocery store - you can conquer facebook! :) I am so thankful for YOU and how God is using your blog to bless my heart. So glad to be your "blog" friend and even more thankful to be your "real life" friend. :)