Friday, January 2, 2009

Dear Birthmothers

Dear Birthmothers,
Today we get to celebrate the 3rd birthday with our precious new son. We will probably never meet our son's birthmother but she has given us the most incredible gift ever.

Three years ago today somewhere in Ch*na a mother that had carried this precious child with her every second for nine months gave birth to the most beautiful, perfect child. To be honest by world views she was probably very scared and sad by the ways God had made this child unique. I can't begin to imagine what this mother went through that day knowing that in the country she lived in the chances of her keeping a child like Jaxson was very slim. This amazing women though chose life for this precious child.

Oh how I wish his birthparents could see him and know that he is healthy and nothing stops him. God may have made this child different in several ways but Jaxson doesn't know that and nothing slows him down.

I can't begin to imagine what birthmothers go through on the childs birthdays, the same day we celebrate. I can't begin to understand the choices that they had to make. What I do know is Jaxson was created by God to be part of our family and for some reason God needed him to touch some peoples lives in Ch*na before coming to us.

If you are a birthmom and you chose life for your child, I thank you so very much!!!


Melanie said...

Happy Birthday Jaxson!

I know you will enjoy the special day treasuring this precious child! I am so happy that he is a part of your family.

chicknboy said...

Happy Birthday Jaxson!!!

Elizabeth. :)