Friday, January 16, 2009

Calling All Christians

OK, enough is enough and we as Christians need to get on our knees for this family that Satan will not quit attacking. The Saunders family that I have talked about the last couple posts have had nothing but bad happen this week. If you have not taken time to read their blog now is the time to do so and pray for them to win this battle against Satan.

Wednesday they lost their home to a fire. If that wasn't enough Thursday as they were getting ready to sift through the ashes for anything they could find they had to take their son in for emergency surgery. Now on Friday the vet let them know that their dog just died and it had nothing to do with the fire. Most people could not handle the fire let alone all that has happened since.

I can tell you Satan does not like who this family is, he does not like that they praise God in everything, he does not like they they preach on giving. Satan does not like the fact either that they keep filling their home with those orphans that are so close to God's heart and they are trying to get families to go serve in Uganda and adopt the babies there. They also encourage people like no one I have ever met before.

This is their blog and this is a blog that was set up to get them help and to try to get Extreme Homemakeover to come build them a new home If you go to the last website and go to where you leave comments for EHM if you read the comments you will see how much this family means to others.

Let's help them fight this battle by praying with them and let's help provide for them what they need. They have a BIG family which means lot's of things are needed.



Jaime said...

do you mind if i steal your post and put it on my blog. (i'll give you full credit, of course, and a link. but you posted pretty much what i've been thinking.)

Jaime said...

i couldnt'w ait. so, just amde my normal post, adn put oodles of links to your post.