Thursday, March 22, 2012

We Grew Again!!!

Oh my goodness, we must be crazy but even if we are, we are truly blessed. Yesterday I woke up with this feeling that I needed to get our empty beds ready because I felt we would be getting a call very soon. I got them all ready not thinking much about it until I get a phone call at around 2:00 today.

The phone call went something like this "You have 3 kids right" they went on to ask if I had 1 or 2 empty beds. I told them depending on the situation we could possibly take 2 but that our little T man coming was first priority but we were happy to fill our home until he came home. She then said "well, what would you think about taking in 4 because we really want to keep them together if we can." To be honest my first thought was "NO WAY" we have an adoption happening how can we take 4.

Right as I was thinking no God reminded me that he had whispered to me yesterday telling me to be ready. I told them we would take them for now but little Mr T comes first so if he comes home before they go home then something will have to be worked out. So for now we once again have 7 children running around :)

If you can please pray for these little broken hearts who really have no idea what is happening.

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Mom Of Many said...

Praying for your thankful you heard the call.