Tuesday, March 13, 2012

God's Timing Is Truly Amazing!

Today was the big court day for our little guest. The life of a foster parent is just crazy let me tell you. We didn't know waking up this morning if he would be staying with us or leaving. I had to have all his bags packed and ready to go so that if the judge said he could go live with dad then dad would come straight from court to pick him up.

Court stresses me out let me tell you, but it's all part of being a foster parent. The judge decided that our little guest could go live with dad (dad is from out of state). Our little guest was very excited and I am happy for them.  We woke up with 4 kids this morning and we are down to 3 tonight.

The very cool thing is that on the day that one leaves I get an email saying that we will be able to meet our new son very, very soon!!! How cool is that for God's timing?

Not only do we get to meet our new son soon but we now wait for that next foster call to see who God has waiting to spend a season of life with. That season could be a day or a year only God knows.

I truly love being a foster parent and I really hate that we waited this long to do it. Our kids love doing it too and get so excited to see who the next call will be for.


Rhonda said...

God is good! So glad things are working out! Would love to hear more about your new son!

Mark and Melanie said...

Yes, His timing is PERFECT, isn't it? Can't wait to "meet" your little guy!