Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Off To School!

Do you remember your little ones first day of school? Remember how excited and full of emotions you were? Little did I know I would have those same emotions this morning with our little guest but at the same time my heart is breaking for his mom who didn't get to see her baby get on the bus the first day of school. I took pictures for her but still my heart breaks for her.

I told Chris this morning that the feelings I have had being a foster parent is not what I expected to have. I don't know what I expected to feel but to be honest it breaks my heart for a momma not to be able to hold her baby, not to be able to see his firsts at things. Yes...we have a job of protecting him right now but at the same time in my head I am cheering the mom on and praying she does what she needs to do to get her baby back because he needs his mom and she needs him.

Anyway our little guest was super excited this morning and he kept asking me over and over to take pictures of his backpack. I can't wait to hear about his day after school!

I know it has been awhile since I shared pictures of our crazy kids so here is a picture that I totally love. Hopefully next week we will meet our new son and have a picture of all 4 of our kids (sorry you won't get a face picture of him though until the adoption goes through).

If you have thought about being a foster parent just stop thinking and make the call!

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Lund7 said...

Your children are so adorable and look so happy!

We did foster care for over a year but found that it was too hard on my youngest, Peter, as he must have felt he was losing his place as baby of the family! We have made some lasting relationships though! Our first little one was 3 weeks old when she came to us and stayed almost 6 months...I love her like my own! Here mom and dad still call when they need a sitter so we LOVE seeing her regularly...she was here this last weekend and is now 19 months.

Our last little one we cared for is doing great too with mom and they keep in touch 1-3 times a week! She recently had him baptized and asked me to be his Godmother!

You really can have a wonderful impact on these kids. I know we will do it again some day when Peter is a little older. God had a plan when we started this or we never would have met sweet Miss "S" and Mr. "A"!! We are so blessed and I know you are too as you care for these little ones!