Thursday, November 11, 2010

We Have Some Winners!!!

Thank you soooo much for all the names! This was so much fun and we had a blast as a family voting on names (just so you know Paige thought every name was the best name).

Are you ready to hear the names?

OK, before we get started on names let me tell you that all the puppies will be for sale. I have been asked many times now if they are for sale and they are. Please understand these are pure bred Cavalier's even though we are pricing them at the lower end of the going rate they are still not cheap (I know it stinks). I just wanted to throw that in because I think I have shocked a couple people by what these little babies are worth. If you are interested in one though I would be more than happy to talk to you if you leave me your email.

The cool thing is one of these precious little puppies has a very special purpose. When we first decided to start breeding we knew that the first puppy sold of every litter would have the very special purpose of helping an adopting family bring home their precious son or daughter. Sometime I want to do a post on creative ways to care for orphans. By the way I have prayed and prayed about the family that one of these puppies has that special purpose for and I will be contacting them soon.

OK, now are you ready???

Puppy #1 - Caden (boy) Sorry but Jaxson won this one, it's his best friends name

Puppy #2 - Reece (girl) winner is Rett (Rett please let me know who in your family chose this name)

Puppy #3 - Bella (girl) the winner is Molette (please leave me your email address)

Thank you everyone!
PS Winners, I need just a little bit to figure out what your prize will be so it may be a couple of weeks :)


Tony and Rett said...

Whoo hoo! I don't need a prize, just so glad Reece was chosen! (It was me...I did the whole candy theme idea.)

They're doll babies, and that money will go to a very deserving family, for sure. You guys are awesome for doing that!

Whichever family is chosen, you can know you played a part in their RANSOM!

bjfejes said...

How cool to help a special family with their adoption funding! Very imaginative AND generous! Sweet, sweet names . . . thanks for letting all of us be involved. It was great fun!
Loving our Lord,

Jennifer Lane said...

They are all so precious! So tiny and cute! And I love all the names, they are all so cute. Please let Amaya know that I received my wonderful ornament and her beautiful picture, which is now hanging on my refrigerator, and I love them.

Mark and Melanie said...

Beautiful puppies, Sarah! And I love the names - especially Bella. I wish we could bring one home, but there is just no way right now.
I just praise God for you and your heart for the orphans!

Shonni said...

Those puppies are just to cute!!!!

molette said...

Oh wow I never win anything lol! My email is .
They are adorable puppies, can I win won of them!? J/K but they are cute!

No Greater Gift Mom said...

I can't find your email (probably staring right at it:), but wanted to let you know that the rice packs are $5 each shipped. Hope you have a blessed Sunday!
In Him,