Monday, November 29, 2010

My Favorite Ones!

OK, I know I am doing this a little backwords but oh well. I will post about the tree hunting later this week.

As we were hanging ornaments on the tree last night I looked at how many useless ornaments we have. You know birdhouses, snowmen, ones I have no idea where they came from but then we have some VERY, VERY special ones. What a joy it was to get to talk to the kids as we hung these special ones about the meaning behind them.

The first one is precious little Duncan that I was his Christmas Warrior for last year through Reece's Rainbow. Duncan is now home with his forever family.

This next one is the little one that has totally stolen the hearts of all 5 of us. This is the little one we sponsored this year from the Angel Tree at Reece's Rainbow. Praying that next year this little bundle of cuteness will have his forever family. You only have until December 15th to get your ornament by sponsoring a child.

This beautiful star ornament was made by a girl that was working very hard to bring her sister home. That little one came home to her forever family the same year Jaxson did.

Maybe someday we will have a tree full of ornaments that show faces of children that now have forever families. Maybe God will bless us with more little feet, fingerprints all over everything, more dirty clothes, more giggles, more "I love you's". I may have my hands full, my plate may be overflowing but CHILDREN OUR A BLESSING FROM GOD!
OK, so this is changing the subject a little bit but I wanted to share this video with you. It is almost 12 minutes long so you may choose to watch it on youtube where you can see it better but I wanted to share it with you. We have a very powerful Sunday School class and yesterday our leader shared this video. I honestly about lost it right there but I held back most of the tears. This video was not intended for the purpose that God laid on my heart watching this but to me it represented the passion of my heart.

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Stacy said...

I am just smitten with Jayson as well. He is just beautiful. I am praying as well for his forever family. His is just precious!!!!