Monday, November 15, 2010

Amaya's 7th Birthday!

Yesterday we celebrated Amaya's 7th Birthday. Amaya's birthday is always a reminder to me of miracles because we never thought we would have a biological child. If you don't know her story Amaya was a miracle after 4 years of infertility, thousands of dollars on fertility treatments, us giving up on the chance of ever having a baby and then through prayer and fasting from my mom (I honestly didn't have the strength anymore) this little miracle came to be.

We celebrated at a restaurant this time because Kai Kai isn't wanting anyone other than us around her precious babies right now.

I found these silly glasses for 10 cents so I got a pair for each of the 8 cousins (2 live too far away to come).

They all have sooooo much fun getting together and playing. How much fun that they each have sooooo many cousins to be their very best friends! Next year hopefully we will have one more to add through adoption ;) and it's not us adopting.
Have I told you lately how much adoption can bless your socks off?


Julia said...

Happy Birthday Amaya.... Many happy returns on your day!

jeanette said...

Happy 7th Birthday Amaya!!!

Tony and Rett said...

Happy Birthday, Big Stuff! I hope your day rocked!

christina said...

Happy Birthday to my future daughter-in-law! :) Looks like BIG fun!