Thursday, November 18, 2010

Found Any Hidden Treasures Lately?

So have you found any treasure lately shopping for Christmas, digging in your back yard? Are you looking for treasures in the furniture store, the mall, or maybe the stock market? If those are places you are looking for treasure I want to just let you know that your map is wrong because oh have I found some treasure.

If you go to you will find God's precious treasures just waiting for someone to find them.

Treasures are usually something that is rare right?

Since 90% of babies with down syndrome are aborted I would call these precious angels rare.

Treasures are things that only few find and are blessed with or they wouldn't be called treasures.
What if you had the map to show you exactly where these treasures are?

What if treasure is not really found in a fancy house, nice furniture, a car, the stock market?

What if true treasure is found in a child that has not been cursed with a special need but blessed with a special need.
Want to go find some hidden treasure at the risk of having your socks blessed off. Maybe the risk of zillions of kisses and hugs a day, hearing "I love you momma", fingerprints all over everything, getting to tuck a precious little one into bed at night.
Want the chance to say "yes God, I'm listening and I am ready to answer your call"?

Trust me not only do I advocate for these little ones but we pray that someday (hopefully soon)God sets everything into place that we can bring one of these treasure homes.

What are you waiting for, go look, pray and you might just get your socks blessed off.

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