Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Today is Thankful Thursday and I am so thankful for small town schools and teachers. First of all I could have never sent my kids to a big school. I had a hard enough time sending Amaya to a small school not knowing the people she would be around everyday. It is nice though to have a school that knows my daughter and does what is best for her.

When Amaya started school this year I was really uncomfortable about where the bus was supposed to pick her up and I told the bus driver that and do you know he said then I will just pick her up where you can see her.

I sent Amaya back to school today after being off for 2 days and the nurse called at 10:30 and said "you know, she's OK but she's just not up to being at school today so let's just have her come home."

When I went to pick her up the secretary called the teacher to see if she had her report card ready and she said "just tell them I'll run it by their house after school."

You don't get that in a big town and I am so thankful for our little town.

I am also thankful for friends that are teachers that I can call and ask questions too at 7 in the morning because I've never had a school child before. Thank you Rett!


Adeye said...

Yes, you are blessed, friend.

So happy she's feeling a wee bit better!

Tony and Rett said...

I LOVE those questions! I feel useful!

I'm glad I can use my powers as a teacher for good! hahaha, as opposed to evil like some of my students like to think! HAHAHAHA!

Glad Amaya is on the mend!

I'm thankful for you too!

Dave & Stacy Brown said...

Be cautious to think that these above and beyond things are only happening in small schools.

As a part of RCS, we are viewed as a part of a large school, but there are amazing things happening there too. The love and care the teachers have for the kids is truly amazing.

Being the secretary I don't interact with the kids nearly to the extent that a teacher does, but I have been blessed to be a part of some really cool things, even at a BIG school.