Sunday, October 4, 2009

My Weekend Finds

Let me just start by saying that if you have never been to a Just Between Friends sale then you need to go to and look for one in your area. I have been working like crazy this last week getting my stuff ready to take to the sale, volunteering at the sale and the best part shopping at the sale.

Do you see this very happy little boy in the picture? Jaxson has wanted his own bathrobe FOREVER, OK at least as long as he has been home. I found him his very own bathrobe at the sale and he couldn't have been more excited. I actually felt bad because I found more for the girls there but he didn't care because he had his bathrobe.

We finally, finally got the kids a power wheels! Chris and I have wanted to buy the kids one of these for about 4 years now but we just could not get ourselves to spend $300 on a toy. We have always said that if we found one for $50 we would buy it and guess what, it was $50 at the JBF sale. We have wanted to get the kids something special anyway because when we buy things at foreclosure auctions they help a TON in us getting everything sorted through and so they deserved it.
OK, now for my very favorite find of the JBF sale. When I was volunteering during set-up for the sale someone brought in this armoire (the picture really doesn't do it justice). I never ask Chris for anything but when I saw this I fell in love. Even more when I saw the price tag I fell in love. I ask Chris if I could buy it if it was still there when it was time to shop and he said "YES". I know this sounds so silly but we have never bought something just because we want it like that. In 11 years of marriage this is only the 2nd piece of furniture we have bought and the first one was a chair I needed to nurse in.

Now do you want to know the coolest part of all? With what I made at the sale from selling my stuff I didn't end up spending a dime for all this and I will even walk away with a little cash!


Tony and Rett said...


I'm SO glad the kids all got something special! And that armoir is gorgous!!!!! Where did you end up putting it?

YAY JBF sales!

Adeye said...

Oh I love the little blessings God gives us along the way! So wonderful.

chicknboy said...

that is a beautiful armoire!!!

so glad you were able to get things for such a great price -it's fun not paying full price for things. :)