Monday, October 5, 2009

Memorial Box Monday

Today is Memorial Box Monday and thanks to Linny I now have one of my own to do. If you don't know what Memorial Box Monday please click on the picture below to read about it.
I am so excited about writing this Memorial Box Monday because this is about one of the most precious gifts God ever gave me. The precious gift I am talking about is my husband!

On October 3, 1998 I woke up to the most beautiful day ever (in my eyes anyway) the day I was going to marry the man that God chose for me. This was supposed to be the most beautiful day ever. It was supposed to be warm, sunny and a day filled with fun. You see Chris and I are not your average couple and we didn't want a wedding that everyone felt they needed to dress up to come to, we wanted a day of celebration to celebrate our marriage.

Through my life I had ran across some people who said they were Christians but they were sure good at hurting people and not showing God's love. I grew up a preacher's daughter but stopped going to church when I was 16 because I saw too many people get hurt and I was tired. God brought me a very special friend that taught me that not all Christians were like that. That it was those few people not all Christians. This friend got me back in church (that is a whole story for another time) after about 6 years of not going.

This special friend had the most beautiful piece of property. They had a rustic house full of antiques that sat on the side of a pond with trees everywhere. This is a place that I felt God with me everytime I visited. This was the perfect place for us to get married, under the beautiful colored fall leaves, next to the pond, and people having fun. My youth pastor who was doing the service kept telling me that we needed a plan B in case of rain and I kept telling him we did not need a plan B because I knew this was God's plan and I was not going to get married anywhere else.

Well, after 6 weeks of beautiful sunshine and no rain in six weeks we woke up to freezing cold weather and pouring down rain. My mom called that morning and said "Sarah we need a plan B" I said "Mom, it will be fine God will make it work." I went and got my make-up done, still pouring and very cold, went to get my hair done and my mom called. "Sarah we have to come up with a plan B so we have taken care of it". In a very short time all the people that were at the house worked as fast as they could and made a beautiful place for us to get married under the carport of the house.

I had so many plans for that day, beautiful pictures, our guests came in jeans so they could have fun, we were going to have a bonfire, hayride and just a big party. Instead we had the most romantic wedding with 300 people standing out in the freezing cold rain under umbrellas. We did not get to do any of the fun things we wanted to but that's not what mattered. What mattered is that God gave us each other that day and worked it out that we could get married at the place that I felt closest to God. Not to mention that God gave us a wedding that none of our guests will ever forget.

So for my Memorial Box I need to find a little umbrella. Have you started your Memorial Box Monday yet?


Tony and Rett said...

Ahhhh, I remember that day. The day some girl was going to marry one of my closest friends. Some girl I didn't know very well. Some girl who had made me share my friend, Chris.

Little did I know, that one day, God would doubly bless us and keep Chris as one of our closest friends AND add his wife too! Two bestest friends...not just one! SO BLESSED!

And yes, it was raining and cold...but your love was OH SO WARM!

Remember the gift left on your car??

Holly said...

Sweet Sarah...I love your heart and your faith.
Oh and that little muffin on your sidebar is one I also have inquired about wanting to adopt but the door was shut to us b/c of the deployment.
My heart....God knows.