Friday, October 16, 2009

No News Yet

Well, no news yet from Mark and Diane so I decided that since my blog has been so heavy this week that I need to post some cute pictures while we wait for news.

Oh, my dear Paigie acting like she doesn't want her picture taken but do you see the little grin?
This is what happens when you have 2 older sisters that love dressing up. Do you think he will hate me for this someday? He's pretty cute though.

And here is out little poser. Funny how 2 years ago we couldn't get her to smile for the camera at all and now you put a camera near her and she is ready to pose.

Final picture for now is my fur babies. Aren't they just adorable? Kai Kai was laying on top of Snicker's snuggling but when she saw me she got up. Anybody want to come give them a bath?
Please keep praying for Mark, Diane and their family!

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Tony and Rett said...


And I say pull that picture of Jax out when his first girlfriend shows up! OR, use it for his high school graduation slide show! Is that mean? Oh! It is? Ok, nevermind...hahahah!