Saturday, October 24, 2009

In Need of Some Hugs and Kisses?

Me too!

Have and extra bed or a place to put one?
I would love a safe place to sleep and someone to tuck me in!
Love to make a child smile?

I would love someone to bring a smile to my face!
Like to cook?

I would love to know I have a warm meal everyday!
Feel something missing in your life?

Wonder what God's purpose is for you?

Maybe just maybe it's me?


Holly said...

oh girl!
Maybe I should change my new blog to Beading our way back to China and then to Eastern Europe and beyond!
Did you get the package yet for Duncan's fundraiser?!

Adeye said...

Sweet sweet sweet. How I wish I could bring them ALL home!

Mom Of Many said...

I echo I wish I could bring them all home...and just hire a housekeeper (ya' know like Alice on the Brady Bunch) and a cook...then I could just play with the kids all day...they are precious - thank you Sarah for being their advocate!! xo