Thursday, May 27, 2010

Too Much To Do

Wow, do you ever have those times in life when it's just plain crazy? Oh my goodness this has to be the busiest week of the year for us and I was crazy enough to do a Pay-It-Forward event on my giveaway blog on top of everything else going on.

Chris has been working crazy hours sometimes until midnight working on cars at home. I have my Pay-It Forward event going on, making necklaces non-stop, had Gotcha Day, Paigie's B-day tomorrow with big family party not to mention it's my birthday on Sunday.

I don't have one present wrapped yet and tomorrow I will be busy making this:

Yes, I am capable of doing this and I will be doing this for my precious little princess. I can't wait for her to see it.

I can't believe my baby girl will be 5 in just a couple of hours.

OK, well I better get going I have tons to do.

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