Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Jaxson's First Trip To The ER

Well, Jaxson got his first trip to the ER. Exercise is good for mommy and daddy but not so good for the 4 year old playing with the exercise band.

I was in the next room hanging a wall decal and Jaxson came in crying with blood running down his head. Paige had been playing with the exercise band, which she knows not to do, and somehow with the tiny metal piece at the end that holds the handle on she managed to put a hole in her brothers head.

I'm not a mom that gets to freaked out about things but when I could see the bone under the hole I figured it was in need of stitches.

We got to the hospital and thankfully the Dr. said he thought glue would work perfect in that spot. Now Jaxson is the proud owner of his very first scar given to him by his best friend/sister/twin.

Wouldn't you know it happened at a time when I had raggedy clothes on, no make-up and my hair was a mess. Oh well, Jaxson's so stinkin cute I bet they didn't even notice what I looked like.


Holly said...

Thanking God it was nothing more serious than that!
Big hugs to the Mama!!

Goins Gang said...

Amen! Thank God it was his head and not his eye!
How great is that, though, to see him
smiling?. . .That's one for the